Welcome to the Legacy Project website!

Here you will find a variety of stories and materials about the history of UBC, as seen from the perspective of people who in one way or another have had a long association with the University—members of faculty and staff, alumni, administrators, and friends of the University. We have brought together written and spoken reminiscences of life on the UBC campuses at Fairview and Point Grey which give glimpses of a university that may be long gone, yet in some respects seems very familiar too.  The interviews will introduce you to some of the people who have contributed, each in his or her own way, to making UBC one of the great universities of the world.  UBC Okanagan, though still a very young institution, will have a place here, too; we hope to gather materials that tell the story of its founding and early years from the point of view of those who were involved in its creation.

Through links to the UBC Archives you will have access to an enormous cache of materials—interviews, photographs, memoirs, and other documents—that cover the University’s growth from the Fairview shacks by Vancouver General Hospital to the glass and concrete towers of today’s Wesbrook Village. Other links will give you access to video interviews with members of the UBC community.  You may also want to take a look at the materials provided by alumni UBC , including back issues of the Association’s Trek magazine ( now The University of British Columbia Magazine) and collections of photographs by and about alumni located on alumni UBC‘s Flickr page.

The Legacy Project is not limited to the contributions of those whose reminiscences and recollections are recorded on this site.  Should you like to comment on any of the items you find here, or to offer reminiscences of your own, we encourage you to submit material to the Legacy Coordinating Group (see “Contact” page) for inclusion on the “Telling Our Stories” page of this website.