UBC Historical Resources

The University Archives host digital versions of the principal UBC publications. Please see the following links:

Scene from “Major Barbara” performed by Players Club in March 1954. UBC Archives.



Other online works of UBC history and biography:                                                                                                                                                                                    

Approximately 1,750 images drawn from the forty-nine volumes of student yearbooks The Annual and The Totem (1916-1966).

Forty-one interviews with thirty-eight colleagues, family, students, and friends of Margaret Ormsby, former Head of the UBC History Department

Below are links to other interviews with UBC faculty and staff, many concerned with the early history of the University.

Recordings of speeches and interviews by UBC alumni and faculty members

This interview project is still at the building stage, but information about its goals may be found here

You can also find a collection of taped interviews (1984-1986) with individuals involved in the early history of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. The interviews are on cassette tapes and have been transcribed. They are housed in the Memorial Room of the Woodward Library; the transcriptions may be read online here.

An audio recording made in 1984.

From 2010 onwards, the list of recipients includes short video recordings.

There is a large display of documents dedicated to Bartlett on the third floor of the Chemistry Building.



UBC History Online

Links to the UBC Archives pages with digital versions of histories of UBC.