The primary goal of the Legacy Project has always been to capture the memories and experiences of the faculty, staff, and alumni members of the UBC community through personal interviews uploaded in the UBC Archives at https://open.library.ubc.ca/collections/ubcavfrc.  Most of these recordings are also available through the Legacy website at https://legacies.alumni.ubc.ca/new-video-gallery/.  We have also begun to build a collection of books about UBC, or by UBC authors, and a preliminary listing is available at https://legacies.alumni.ubc.ca/bibliography/.

Over the past several years the project has begun to acquire objects that speak to a donor’s involvement in sports, or clubs, or other forms of non-curricular activity. Some of these objects are presented in the photographs that follow.

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1.  Pennant from the Great Trek

A pennant borne by a UBC Arts student during the “Great Trek” of October 1922 (then known as “The Pilgrimage”), when UBC students walked from downtown Vancouver to the site of UBC’s new campus in Point Grey, to draw public attention to the need to complete the work that had begun in 1914. The accompanying photograph was taken by Orson Banfield; see the article by his granddaughter Carla Banfield at https://legacies.alumni.ubc.ca/2621-2/.

2. An invitation to the first UBC graduation ceremony.

The new university had only opened its doors in September 1915, but a number of students registered who had completed third year at McGill University College of BC, UBC’s predecessor, and finished their degree requirements in 1915-16. The ceremony, which saw 40 graduating students (all in Arts), was held at the Hotel Vancouver, then situated on Georgia and Granville. For a detailed account of the event, see Harry T. Logan, Tuum Est: A History of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver: UBC, 1958), 73-5.

3.  Record of Service in World War I

This volume, published in 1924, records the names and service record of 697 UBC students from UBC and McGill University College of BC who enlisted in “His Majesty’s Expeditionary Force” 1914-18; of these, 78 lost their lives in combat. A copy of the book was given to all members whose names were recorded in the book, or in the case of the fallen, to their next of kin. This copy, which includes a complimentary insert from the Board of Governors, belonged at one time to Harry Warren, UBC alumnus (Arts ’26), Canadian Olympian, and Professor of Geology at UBC.

4.  Blue and gold beanie

Beanies (seamed cloth caps) were compulsory wear for freshmen.

5.  Wedgewood Plate

A plate depicting the UBC Library at some time before 1948, when the north wing was added. The plate was made for Birks in Vancouver.

6.  Nathan Nemetz’s membership card

Nathan Nemetz, UBC alumnus and Chancellor of the University, was a member of the University Club of Vancouver.












7.  Sportswear

An Athletics blazer dating back to the mid-1930s.














8.  AMS Award

The Great Trekker Award, bestowed on meritorious alumni by the Alma Mater Society, was initiated in 1950. In 1989 it was awarded to Bob Osborne in recognition of his many contributions to sport and physical recreation at UBC and across Canada. An Olympic silver medallist in basketball, Osborne was Director of UBC’s School of Physical Education 1945-1978. The Osborne Gymnasium is named in his honour.




















9. Painting of UBC

A picture by artist Michael Kluckner depicting different aspects of UBC in Spring 1997. Numbered 13/250, this print was given to UBC Budget Director John Chase on the occasion of his retirement in 1999.














10. UBC beer?

Not what it seems…..In this case, UBC stands for the Union Brewing Company, which began operations in Nanaimo, BC in 1891.

11.  Honorary Degree Hood

This was the hood given to BC artist and UBC professor Sam Black (1913-97) when he received an honorary degree (DLL) at UBC in June 1990.